"We do not have to create who we are; indeed we have been created in utter perfection. We just need to discover what about our life is not who we are, and let it go." - Alan Cohen

It’s All Okay - by Danna Faulds

It’s all okay – the whole shebang.

Even when it seems my house of cards is tumbling down

or I think I’m failing miserably – it’s all okay.

Because life is not a straight line, but a winding path,

it hides what comes next until it’s here.

Still, it’s all okay,  and worrying never improved anything.

So I set out to see where this day will take me,

making space for every aspect of my being to come forth, 

explore, and show my fears the door.

Adios amigos – it’s my life now.

Despite my anxiety, I choose optimism, I choose light.

Hallelujah anyway – everything’s all right.

Fall 2020

This poem seemed so apropos for this year, I’ve shared it time and time again to help those of us struggling with anxiety and fear.    For me, this has been a year of introspection, education and change; sometimes exhilarating and others, overwhelming.    One of my favorite teachers - Lauryn Maloney-Gepfert of the Neuroplastic Functional Training Institute shared this in a training:  There are no mistakes, only learning.   Repeat that again and hold it in your heart.

I’ve learned a lot this year, adapting to Zoom technologies, becoming my own sound and video producer; re-prioritizing my efforts and energy to take more time for self-care and education.  I have been creating Neural-pathways on a daily basis (that’s my mantra when frustration bangs on the door of my psyche)

In the coming months I will be continuing with on-line classes, and expanding the video content.   I have begun to teach in-person classes, but these are limited in size and availability;  schedule will be changing as we learn and adapt.  We are in this life together:  to learn and to let go of what isn’t serving that process.   Join me to heal and grow well.